Is there any possibility of the stinger sliding down on the Ranch Hitch?

I've watched the ranch hitch video and have ordered on online.  Is the stinger that stable with just two set bolts pushing against it?  It seems it would be better if the bolts went into pre-threaded holes in the stinger.  Is there any possibility of the stinger sliding down?


The Ranch Hitch Adapter is the safest gooseneck adapter on the market and is the only one that has gone through the rigorous process of receiving the V-19 certification which allows this product to be used on D.O.T. vehicle.

The two set bolts that go through the black base and into the side of the silver stinger are true set screws that cut into the steel of stinger and make a connection strong enough to not only meet the 6,000 pound tongue weight but surpass that rating to with a extremely large safety factor.  Our Ranch Hitch Adapter is a solid product that we sell thousands of every year and we have never seen where the set screws have slid horizontally or vertically and we have even seen some pictures of our adapter that have gone through various accidents like rear-end and side swiped and and still no movement between the tow main pieces of the adapter.

The idea of sliding the set screws into pre-threaded holes would actually take away from the selling advantage of having adjust-ability in our adapter which allows the end user to change the ride height of their tow vehicle and still adjust the adapter to the right height to make sure the RV is level behind them.

We have heard of certain customers that wanted to have peace of mind and after the adapter was installed, adjusted to height and set with the set screws as per our instructions they opted to weld the silver portion (stinger) to the black portion (base) where the two slide against each other.  This is not needed to be done but if it makes the customer feel confident in towing their RV perhaps it is worth the time and effort to have that done.

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