Ranch Hitch and "rubber band" feeling while towing

I cannot get a nice even pull on my toy hauler - I get what feels like a never-ending rubber band effect when pulling.  I have been told to try leveling out my ride height to things are nice and level but that does not seem to be working.


The rubber band effect that you are feeling could be the results of a few things, the first one that does come to mind is a level trailer and a level truck.  Check to see that when connected to the truck that you are parallel to the ground on both the tow vehicle and the trailer.  

Second thing I would look for is that toy haulers put more weight behind the rear axle of the RV than any other RV so you may be experiencing sway from having excessive weight behind that rear axle. The more weight that is further behind you the worst the sway gets, do you notice more sway when you fill the garage area of the RV with toys? If so, you need to look into getting sway bars on your tow vehicle and I highly recommend Hellwig Products Melanie White works there and she could definitely help you out.  

Third, the last reason why you may have this 'rubber band' effect is that your pin box is flexing as you accelerate and brake.  To solve this problem it is as easy as getting with a welder and provide some support either inside the pin box by adding material connecting the pin plate to the top of the pin box structure by running angle iron from the bottom of the black base of your ranch hitch adapter back towards the rear of the RV and attach it to the back of the pin box.  By adding this angle iron you basically are triangulating the ranch hitch adapter so it does not flex your pin box.

Keep me posted if I can be of further assistance as you may call, text, or email at your convenience and I will do my best to help you out.

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