38 foot trailer and Ranch Hitch Adapter?


I Purchased a Ranch Hitch Adapter for my 38' Mountaineer weight #11000 Trailer is less than year old original pinbox. I found on a trailer sales website that this product should not be installed on a trailer greater in length than 38' and if so should I be concerned I have installed it set down on truck.


Many variables are taken into consideration when we list warnings on installing our product and we appreciate you giving us details of what you are towing so we can answer your question correctly.

The common practice of super-extended pinboxes was they were originally put on heavy trailers and with the full weight capacity close to the rated 24,000 pounds of the hitch and a long pinbox leverage becoming a longer leverage once our adapter was installed could create a problem.  The problem it creates can be excessive movement between the pinbox and the frame of the RV which would result in an uncomfortable ride due to excessive 'bucking' the other problem can be premature wear and tear on the components of the pinbox and frame members.

Where your trailer is 11,000 pounds I suppose you would not have any problems, but the problems are case by case.  You can tell if a problem is created once you have connected and tow with our adapter  on your RV.  I recommend you install the adapter to all the specs we have laid out as far as torquing the set screws and spinning the base onto the collar system with the recommended torque but do not weld or bolt the black base to the pinbox until you take the RV for a test ride.  When you take the RV for a test ride pay special attention to what the trailer is telling you by how it is following behind you.  First thing to pay attention to is when you accelerate from a stop and come to a stop feel and if possible have someone looking at the adapter to see if the pinbox is flexing to some degree due to the extra length of leverage.  If your trailer feels like it is not pushing or pulling the truck during take offs and stops then you are having minimal or no flexing and nothing needs to be done.  If you get a feeling or see that the RV is flexing the pinbox then you have the option of installing a gusset to reinforce the adapter to the pinbox or looking at other products to tow your RV with.  To install a gusset you simply triangulate the adapter to the rear of the pinbox by welding a piece of steel to the lowest portion of the black base and weld it to the backside of your pinbox somewhere that it will not interfere with the break-away brakes or electrical harnesses.  If you are looking for a different product I highly recommend our Ultimate Connection Hitch  

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