How does the 'No-Sway' Weight Distribution Hitch work?

 Our weight-distribution hitch eliminates swaying. How? The brake material is what eliminates sway. The material we use is similar to the material used in auto brake pads, but in its lifetime will only be subjected to a tiny fraction of what a car's brake pads would be subject to. The anti-sway housing features a tapered ball (and tapered housing), which is what makes it 'self adjusting', in other words – the heavier the load, the more downward force is placed on the tapered ball which results in more weight on the brake material causing more 'friction' to be applied. You get the exact amount of anti-sway needed whatever the weight of your load. We recommend at least 100lbs on the tongue to allow the mechanism to be able to provide anti-sway using the friction material in the housing.

We actually had one Dealer in Utah who took a 35 ft. trailer on the road for his initial demo –to make a long story short, he would sharply turn his steering wheel from left to right and then ask his associate (who was watching from the back seat of the truck) how many times the trailer swayed back and forth before it returned to center. Each time the associate told him that it didn't go back and forth at all! When he stopped turning the wheel, the trailer instantly stopped moving side to side!