How do I remove the ball from the housing to replace the liner on my WD Hitch?

Removing the ball from the housing can be difficult with normal hand tools and some people need to find a local shop to get it removed. The process is as follows:

1 - Remove spring clip on bottom of ball housing with a pair of spring clip pliers.
2 - Press ball out of housing by applying pressure to the bottom. A press is the recommended way but some people have installed the hitch upside down in the hitch of their tow vehicle and put a block on the bottom of the ball and hit with a large mallet.
3 - Remove liner off of the ball by either sliding it off or cutting a slit all the way down one side and prying it off with a screwdriver.
4 - Clean and dry off the ball.
5 - Slide liner on the ball as far as you can by hand.
6 - Align the tension (triangle) plate holes perpendicular to the housing and drop the ball into the housing.
7 - Re=install the spring clip on the bottom.
8 - First time hook up the trailer the ball will seat itself in the red liner material and most likely have some of the liner that raises above the housing which is normal.