What should be the torque of the top bolt on the Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection Hitch?

We like to see the hitch at 50 ft-lbs torque as eventually the bolt could be stripped out. The only time we change the torque is if someone is having an issue with the base of the hitch rotating in the bed of the truck slightly or if they have certain bed liners.

If someone needs alternative solution we suggest they do the following instead of the 50 ft/lbs

1 - Pin and clip the hitch to gooseneck ball
2 - Tighten top bolt to 60 ft- lbs instead of 50
3 - Do NOT tighten the lower two jamb bolts yet
4 - Put the weight of the trailer on the hitch and latch the hitch to the elevated ball on the base.
5 - Re-Tighten the top bolt to 60 ft-lbs to remove any flex the bed or bedliner of the truck may have.
6 - Tighten the lower 2 jamb bolts to 40 ft-lbs and you are ready to tow safely.