What Rapid Hitch Drop Size Do I Need?

The Rapid Hitch is available in three drop hitch sizes - the 4" drop/rise, the 6" drop/rise, and a full 10" drop. The 10" drop is recommended for lifted vehicles and has adjustment options from approximately 4" of drop to the full 10" drop. The standard 6" drop/rise is designed to fit all factory standard pickup trucks. However, we have discovered that in some instances the standard Rapid Hitch might drag on the ground in a dip, so we have added the SUV Rapid Hitch to help eliminate this situation. The shorter SUV Rapid Hitch — featuring a 4” drop/rise — works best with most light trucks, ½ ton trucks, and SUVs.

A quick and easy way to judge what size drop you need is to measure from the ground up to the inside top of your 2" receiver tube. Use the guidelines below to help you pick the right Rapid Hitch for you. Be aware that the tongue heights of your trailers and the suspension on your truck also play a part in choosing the right hitch, but in most cases these measurements will give you what you need. If you are unsure, please take your truck to your local dealer for advice.

  • If the measurement is 20" or less - the 4" drop is for you.
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  • If the measurement is between 20" and 24" you need the 6" drop. 
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  • If you measure more than 24" you will need the 10" drop. 
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