What is the warranty of the Ultimate 5th Wheel hitch and coupler?

Question: What is the warranty of the hitch and coupler? What is the life span of the aluminum coupler that attaches to the camper?  Will this hitch allow a 90 deg turn with a 6.5' box??  

Answer: The hitch and coupler come with a 1 year warranty and a 5 year limited warranty. We have never had an issue with the aluminum coupler block as the wear and tear at that point of the hitch is minimal due to no metal on metal components (the ball rides on a composite greaseless puck inside the aluminum block) As far as a complete 90 degree turn in a 6.5' bed that is rare but our hitch will allow enough turning radius for almost everyone who uses our hitch. A lot of variables come into play when you are talking about turning radius like king pin placement on the pin box, side rail height, lift kits on the truck, etc..  Which RV and truck do you have and we will be able to better to determine your turning radius.