WD Hitch socket for tensioning chains?

Question: The 1/2" square hole to fit the wrench head into is only about 1/4" deep, and does not go through like most sockets do. This results in the socket always falling off in use, and the hole is starting to round at the edges. Is this normal, or perhaps an improperly machined socket?

Answer: The socket we provide in the kit does not have the small notch that a socket wrench uses to allow the ball bearing to sit into so the socket can stay on the wrench. We provided this socket as an extra in an effort to be convenient and keep costs down. When we priced out the purchase of a standard 1-1/4" deep socket it was the same cost that you or I could buy one from a local hardware store, but that cost added to the Dealer cost of a kit would have translated to a much higher extra cost. We felt it was a better move to keep costs down and let the customer decide if they wanted to upgrade their socket themselves.

A few customers have reported that they successfully used a dremel-style tool to make a notch in the socket themselves.