Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection, bed mats, and dual liner systems

Question:  I am seeing conflicting information about installing the ultimate 5th wheel connection over a bed mat.  In particular, I am interested in installing it with the dual liner system. So, can the ultimate 5th wheel be installed over the mat in the dual liner system, without cutting the mat? If the mat needs to be cut, what parts of the ultimate 5th wheel connection need to rest on the metal of the bed?

Answer: Our Ultimate Connection Hitch will work better being placed on the Bed Liner or Bed Mat as when the metal hitch rests on the metal of the bed eventually through vibration the bed paint will be scratched deeply and expose the bed to rust in the long term. Please install your hitch directly over the Dual Liner System and torque the top bolt with the pin and clip in place and do not torque the side nuts until you torque the top bolt again after the tongue weight of the RV has been placed on the hitch. (This eliminates any 'squish' and makes sure the hitch is securely tight to the bed of the truck even after the tongue weight is applied)