Rapid Jack vs Camper Leveler for leveling trailer

Thank you for contacting us in regards to our Camper Leveler and Rapid Jack. The Rapid Jack does not work well as a Camper Leveler for a few reasons and the main ones are:

Size: It normally will not fit in between a dual axle trailer wheel.

Aggressive Lift: The Rapid Jack is designed for a rapid lifting action which only requires inching forward a very little bit will lift the trailer over an inch on the one side where the Camper Leveler has a very gradual lifting motion where you can get the camper exactly level.

Both items are built for seperate purposes and trying to use the Rapid Jack as a camper leveler can become very frustrating.

Our Rapid Jack is a very aggressive lift so precise leveling becomes almost impossible but can lift the trailer wheel 7". The Camper Leveler can lift the wheel up to 4".