My trailer is still swaying after installing the WD Hitch

Our hitch controls sway by tongue weight and pressure on the chains so we will go through scenarios that may cause sway and see if remedies for any of these can help.

Negative tongue weight: If a trailer is heavy in the rear or can become heavy in the rear while going over bumps in the highway (often toy hauler style trailers) the sway control will loosen completely up and can cause a situation where the sway becomes unmanageable by the hitch.

Nose High Trailer: When a trailer is nose high it allows more air to rush under the trailer which can cause the air to cause a minimal lifting of the rear of the trailer but enough to cause the sway control to relax.

Chain tension: We recommend the chains to be tightened at least 5 full revolutions beyond finger tight to keep the chains extremely tight and under tension at all time to keep the sway control engaged.

If you could send a picture or two of the setup that may help us find the solution for your setup to get your WD Hitch functioning the way it should.