My tongue weight is about 900 lbs. Will the Andersen WD Hitch work for me?

Our hitch is rated for the 14,000 gross and 1400 tongue weight as that is what the ball mount is rated to tow with all the safety factors built in as required by third party agencies.

Many people feel that the best way to tow a trailer is to eliminate all or close to all of the tongue weight of the trailer. The problem with that scenario is you lose a lot of traction especially if you end up on a wet, slick, gravel, etc. road. Our hitch by design leaves approximately half of the tongue weight on the tow vehicle and we instruct the customer to leave the hitch connected at all times no matter the road conditions to give the best towing experience available.

Where you have a 900-pound tongue weight on your trailer you will expect 450 pounds of it being transferred and the rest being on the rear of the tow vehicle. If we knew which tow vehicle you were using we would know if that is in the specs of it. For example, if this is being towed with a RAV4 than the hitch is not adequate for what you are wanting to do but if it is a full-size truck then our Weight Distribution Hitch is an excellent option to provide sway control, bounce control and distribute enough weight to make the towing experience enjoyable.