I read in an RV Forum that using the Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection will void my Lippert frame. is that true?

There are many confused statements in the industry. Our Ultimate Connection will not void any frame or pin box warranty as we are pushing and pulling the RV from where it was designed to be pulled from.

One of the main reasons we came out with the Ultimate Connection was to be able to offer a hitch for gooseneck owners that want to tow an RV with the most comfort, quietness, lightweight hitch available.
Officially they can only void the warranty if the adapter actually CAUSES damage, not simply if it is used (see Federal Trade Commission'sv'Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act', 15 U.S.C. ch. 50, 2301-2312).
 As an aftermarket manufacturer, we and most of the towing industry do not feel we need to ask for Lippert to test our products to be approved by their system. We build products that are tested by the industry leader in third-party testing to exceed the SAE standards as that is the law. 
 We do offer the safety chain kit as a few states have mentioned in their towing laws that any trailer connected via a ball must use safety chains. Indiana is a state with that exact wording and we have heard but have not found the language to be the same in Illinois.
 We have not had any failures of our Ultimate Connection.