I can't move the tension (triangle) plate or tapered ball on my WD Hitch

The WD Hitch is purposely designed so that you CANNOT move the tension (triangle) plate once the unit has been hooked up to the trailer –at least not by hand! The weight of the trailer pushes the tapered ball into the ball housing which is what provides the friction for sway control. It does not loosen up once it has been pushed in – at least not enough for your or I to move by hand. This way the WD Hitch can provide good friction for sway control even with a small amount of tongue weight. 

If your tension (triangle) plate is not level when you try to hook back up there are 2 little tricks you can do which we included in the current manual. I have attached the manual to this email for you. One method is on page 6 (no chains hooked to plate) the other is on page 12 (one chain hooked to plate).