Do I have to have safety chains for my Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection?

This is kind of a grey area.  We were tested as a fifth wheel hitch and are approved as a fifth wheel hitch.  According to DOT regulations because it is a fifth wheel hitch we does not need safety chains.  However we do utilize a gooseneck ball to secure the fifth wheel hitch into place creating a solid base with no moving points.  On conventional gooseneck trailers chains are required due to the latching mechanism on the gooseneck trailer.  The Andersen Ultimate Connection does not utilize a latch nor does it pivot at the point of the ball.  Our unconventional setup is much like the OEM puck system that is utilized to accept fifth wheel hitches sold in the newer trucks today.

Unfortunately it is up to the DOT office to interpret the regulations and laws.  We have only heard of one case, out of the 35,000 units that we have on the road today, where the DOT officer insisted on having the customer add safety chains to his setup.  For this reason we do offer safety chains (part # 3230) for our Ultimate Connection.