Can I use the Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection and adapter with a Trail Air Hitch?

Question: Considering buying a new 5th Wheel Trailer, however the trailer desired has a Trail Air hitch. Trail Air states on their web page, will not allow a gooseneck adapter of any kind to be used with it. My present trailer I installed your Ranch adapter which works fine. Do you have a gooseneck hitch where we could unbolt the Trail Air Hitch from the new trailer and bolt a gooseneck hitch assembly in its place? Connection to the sunken ball in our truck bed.

Answer:  As far as warranties goes, I've heard rumors of one or two companies who reportedly have said they will void the warranty on their 5th Wheel if an adapter is used for hooking up. Officially they can only void the warranty if the adapter actually CAUSES damage, not simply if it is used (see Federal Trade Commission's 'Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act', 15 U.S.C. ch. 50, 2301-2312). Also, read attached additional warranty we offer on this item if a problem were to arise.

The Ranch Hitch Adapter that we manufacturer can cause additional stress to a pin box or frame of the RV. Our Ultimate Connection Hitch takes away the added stress added due to not adding extra leverage.

With our Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection we take the leverage back up to the king pin, just like any 5th Wheel Hitch does, so in that sense our hitch should not void the warranty of any frame and component manufacturer.  Since the Ultimate Connection does not change the point
of pushing and pulling the RV, we cannot see where it could be the cause of the type of failure a typical adapter might cause.  We realize it would be unfair to expect Trail Air or Lippert and the other manufacturers to acquire every towing product that we, or any other manufacturer comes out with, and have their respective engineering departments determine the load our products put on their units.  We have not had any problems with flexing, bucking etc. when towing with our Ultimate Connection and we do not see how ours ever could cause a problem.